Max ten Oever
Welcome to my TU/e Industrial Design portfolio. On this portfolio you can see my development and experience as a designer. To show my experience I have showcased some of the main Industrial Design projects I have done over the past two years. These also include projects I did for design courses. Most of the projects include a report, a reflection and a video. Aside from these ID projects which were all done in groups, I also present some personal projects on here. With these projects I tried to developed certain skills and of course because I enjoy doing them. If you have any questions, please check the contact page for my email.
"Working and experimenting hands on with something tangible: materials"
When I look back on my projects and courses in the bachelor program, a lot of it was very user centered. Making prototypes and then testing it on and around users. Or it was about interaction between user and product. What I have missed in these two years is material design. Working and experimenting with something real and tangible. Just like when I have an idea I like to work with it hands on. Therefore my personal projects are all made from scratch. This way I am learning while making. Since I started my study I have been working with textiles in my free time. Learning how to sew, make the patterns and to make the clothes. When I did the 'crafting everyday soft things' design research project my interest in textiles grew. Especially when I went to expositions in Material Expo and the Tilburg textiel museum. Seeing all the possibilities and techniques that people are using, really inspired me. It made me want to pursue material design, specifically in textiles
"Bridging the gap between fashion designers and textile engineers"
Materials are getting more and more important, especially in the textile area. People (in the western world) attach more importance to sustainability and therefore want to buy more quality products. The quality of the materials being used is of course a key element in all of this. With quality having a very broad meaning, it kind of depends on what the user wants. I think in the future there will be two different movements. One focused on the traditional meaning of quality, very durable. The other on the decomposability of the product. Both are sustainable. The decomposable product may be even more sustainable, but not everyone wants to buy new products all the time.

In high end fashion, the quality of the product is also decreasing. Mainly because of the fact that all these companies have shareholders which need to see constant growth of their investment . So they decrease the quality of the material to save costs. ‘The future of fashion is materials,’ according to trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort.

I feel like, in this sector the material designer is of great importance. In combination with the textile engineer. The material designer being the communicator between the fashion designers and the textile engineers. Also working together with fashion designers to think of interesting ways of applying the new advanced textile technologies. I would like to become the vital link in the chain between designers, manufacturers and consumers.